This lesson I was little bit bored. To be honest I didn’t listen to teacher for this reason. He talked about Prezi. It is a kind of presentation program. I think it is one another gift from technology. I understood that technology developt, but I didn’t aware of it. every lesson I learn different things…


In this lesson, I learned a different thing. Its name is Hot Potateos. I have never heard before. Initially I got confused but later I understood it. It is very useful technological web site. It makes our life easy if we can use it correctly. Rest of my life I will try to use it…

Reflection 4

it was another goog lesson. We have learned different and new things. One of them is Delicious. It is a very useful and practical website. Ilike it. I get account and started to use it. the lesson was good and fun also. Sometimes I get confused, but I learn  them. 

Reflection 3

The lesson was so good. We learned different things like QR code. It was very interesting and useful. I have learned new web sites. Some of them are dictionary sites. I believe I benefit from the lesson. Sometimes I get confused, but I try to adopt myself to the lesson.

Reflection 2

we have to use technological items for education. I started to use some of them like blogger, twitter etc. I had believed that these are useless and waste our times, but after this course I have believed that if we want to use the tecnology for education, it simplifies our job.

Reflection 1

Reflection 1           I was little bit anxious, for it was new and interesting course. I had some concerns about this course. Firstly this year is my last year. If I get bad mark, I can extend my school time. Secondly we are not good friend with technology.